AI for Life – New Podcast on Technology and The Latest Developments in AI

News / 15-06-2021

AI innovations are increasingly manifesting themselves in everyday life. They analyze medical images, they speak to you (chatbots), they read and respond to your emotions, they filter meaningful information from huge data mountains, they control robots in healthcare. In this series of podcasts ‘AI for Life’, top experts tell about the latest developments in AI, which they shape themselves here and now.


Various topics will be discussed between researchers who dedicate their careers to data and algorithms and with regional entrepreneurs who convert knowledge and expertise into business and innovation.


The First Episode

Do not visually determine which lung tissue is “sick”, but upload photos into a system and receive a result within seconds. For example, the Nijmegen AI company Thirona provides the necessary time savings in the operating room. Thirona founders Bram van Ginneken and Eva van Rikxoort, and Radboudumc radiologist Ritse Mann talk to host Martijn Kriens (Briskr) about the possibilities and recent developments of this smart software.


The first episode ‘AI and medical image processing’ can now be heard on various channels, including: