Boost of €250K for three health startups in Gelderland

News / 02-06-2020

Three companies, Cardiac Booster, CitiusBio and Binnovate, are receiving a €250.000,- loan from the RedMedTech Discovery Fund II. The fund helps companies to bridge a crucial phase in their development towards a series A round financing.


During last year’s Health Valley Event Michiel Scheffer deputy of the province of Gelderland, announced a new fund for innovative startups in Life Sciences & Health in Gelderland: RedMedTech Discovery Fund II. Cardiacbooster, CitiusBio and Binnovate Digital Health receive a loan from RedMedTech Discovery Fund II. The fund is a follow-up of the RedMedTech Discovery Fund I, and is made available in collaboration with Health Valley Netherlands, Radboudumc, Saxion and Oost NL.


Dirkjan Masman, chairman of RedMedTech Discovery Fund: “By providing these loans we contribute to the further development of Cardiacbooster, CitiusBio and Binovate Digital Health. The Foundation helps these companies to bridge a crucial phase in their development towards a Series A round. The loans also ensure that three promising companies can continue their development in the province of Gelderland”.


Theo Föllings, treasurer of RedMedTech Discovery Fund adds: ‘’The demand for care is increasing and the affordability of healthcare is under pressure. Cardiacbooster, CitiusBio and Binnovate Digital Health all contribute to this challenge by focusing on targeted care, which is accessible and affordable for everyone”,


CardiacBooster, a spin-off of Radboudumc aims to increase the chance of survival of patients after a heart attack and to limit the risk of chronic organ damage. “CardiacBooster’s device will help cardiologists support the hearts of patients through the most critical phase of a heart attack”, says Daniël van Dort, CSO of CardiacBooster B.V. and inventor of the technology. The RedMedTech loan will help to accelerate the development and pre-clinical testing of the company’s cardiac assist technology, getting us one step closer to treating patients in need”, adds Florian Ludwig, CEO CardiacBooster.


CitiusBio BV, a Nijmegen based medtech company, aims to develop a table top proprietary high sensitive point-of-care platform and proprietary diagnostic assays. ”With the high sensitive troponin on our diagnostic platform near the patient we can detect heart infarction more precise and very fast, allowing for improved treatment decision making on the spot.”, says Chris Rosmalen”, CEO of CitiusBio. “The RedMedTech loan will help us to develop a proof-of-concept of our own high sensitive troponin test to attract interest from potential larger companies and investors”, adds Rob Lips, CBO of CitiusBio.


Binnovate Digital Health
Rockstart-alumni Binnovate Digital Health, a Nijmegen based digital health startup develops the Renaltracker, a self-management platform for people with chronic kidney disease. Kirby Binayao, CEO of Binnovate Digital Health “With RenalTracker, kidney patients are able to self-manage their own kidney disease in a manner that’s more suited to their individual condition and preferences. With the RedMedTech loan, we will be able to work with our partner hospital in clinically validating better patient outcomes through RenalTracker”.


About the RedMedtech Discovery Fund Foundation II
Startups can apply for a loan (maximum amount of € 250,000) that may be used to acquire intellectual property, to set up pre-seed activities and to develop a concept study. With this, the province of Gelderland wants to create opportunities for starting innovative entrepreneurs in the region.


To apply for this loan please get in contact with Briskr ( Innovation scouts from Briskr wil do the intake and will support you in the application.