Coaching is getting people to do better than they think that they can.

At Briskr we offer three ways of Business Support which are picked based on the needs of your company. We can help on various subjects like intellectual property, developing your business case or access to funding. For all the possibilities please look at the different pages in the menu above.


Intake (Scout and Screen)

First we want to know all about you and your company. You present us your ideas and current situation of your company. After some questions we will make a preliminary report about the strengths of the company and the challenges you may need to face, based on our expertise. Based on this intake we advise you take one of the following steps:


Together we will start a project aiming to improve your personal skills as an entrepreneur. Members of our business support team mentor you and use their experience and network to help you further. Based on your needs we will approach business challenges. This includes developing a business case, to look for funding opportunities or to protect your intellectual property. We’ll handle these subjects superficially and look if we need the extra help of specialists with a very specific expertise. The coaching trajectory by our Business Support Team members is free of charge.


Expert meeting

In a 1-on-1 meeting you will be accompanied by an expert on the subject of your need. This can be a patent attorney or a financial specialist from a bank or anything else you need. These experts aren’t free of charge, but our business support team can help you with finding vouchers or funding to get the help you need.


Briskr Academy

Our academy contains an integrated offer of master classes, workshops and other activities, aimed at the most common entrepreneurial challenges. Besides the knowledge of the speakers and teachers, you also have network opportunities with likeminded entrepreneurs. For an overview of all our Briskr academy activities, click here.



Do you consider yourself as an innovative entrepreneur? Are you active in the Life Sciences, Health or High Tech industries? Is your company located in the Nijmegen – Gelderland area or are you willing to establish your company here? Contact Martijn Kriens and ask for the possibilities!