Scout and Screen


Business support works with a so called ‘Scout and Screen’ process followed by an intake, during which we define the needed business support activities. The process is divided into the following steps:

  • An startup or scale-up (SME) will be scouted in the field. This is done by active scouting by the members of the Business Support Team (BST). Of course, if you think you can use our help, you can apply for our business support as well. 
  • Screening will be done in the next step. One of the Briskr business coaches has a meeting with the venture and the potential business plans and description of products or services will be discussed. Also potential needs and support will be discussed. The case will be presented to the Business Support Team to confirm the viability of the case and the next step.
  • The venture will fill in an intake form in which a short description of the innovation and the new product or service, the market/customer, the team and financials aspects as well an overview of the discussed needs.
  • The case will be discussed in the BST meeting where an initial approach for support will be defined and in a separate meeting discussed with the venture. The Venture Creation Process and the Stage Gate  will be used as a starting point.
  • The support will consist of mentorship and coaching and might include also workshops and training the will be provided in the Business Generator Academy. On case by case basis a Venture Score Card will be used to further detail needs and support.

The Briskr Business Support Process, click on the image to enlarge.