Upcoming events
June 2021
16 Webinar Health Valley: Integral approach in neighbourhood to prevent type 2 diabetes
22 Introduction to Design Thinking
25 HVTV 7: Will all (incurable) diseases be curable in the future?
28 Get inspired by experienced entrepreneurs!
30 Advances in Neuroimmunology: Promise for Novel Therapeutics for CNS Disorders (Johnson & Johnson)
July 2021
01 SMB-meeting Validation of new technologies in healthcare
01 Kadans Connected – Subsidies for research and development processes
06 Consult the Netherlands Patent Office at Novio Tech Campus
14 Matchmaking event with corporates
September 2021
01 Semiconductor Packaging University Program – Edition 2021-2022
16 Briskr Workshop Networking Skills
November 2021
02 How to attract venture capital investment for your Health/High Tech innovation?