HVTV Part 1: Is robotics the future in healthcare?

Event / 11, Dec, 2020

Are robots social enough? Does the investment in robotics outweigh the cost savings or gains in terms of independence? And how can robotics structurally improve healthcare? Book Friday 11 December 10.00 am in your agenda for a healthy, inspiring and laid-back coffee with the ingredients: inspiration, knowledge, humor and speed! From the only real Health Valley café studio, presenter Suzanne Verheijden challenges in 55 minutes several table guests to give their opinion on the future of robotics in healthcare. HVTV: The fun coffee machine conversation you are waiting for again, just at home! In this episode she will talk to a.o.: Jurgen Fütterer: Professor and interventional radiologist UTwente and Radboudumc, Remco Hoogendijk: Innovation Manager Sint Maartenskliniek and Richard Kuijpers: Owner Smart Robot Solutions.

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