HVTV Part 3: What is the influence of Covid-19 on health care digitization?

Event / 22, Jan, 2021

Does COVID-19 have an accelerating effect on the implementation of digital resources in disability care? Does the enormous growth in the use of digital resources improve care? What effects did the pandemic have on digitization in hospital care and is AI (Artificial Intelligence) now being used more? And what is it like for an entrepreneur with digital solutions to suddenly be overcharged by healthcare? In short, what is the influence and effect of the virus on digitization in healthcare, both from a healthcare and from an entrepreneurial perspective?


On Wednesday 27 January 10.00 am Suzanne Verheijden will once again challenge several table guests in 55 minutes to give their opinion. In the broadcast she will talk to, among others:

– Annelies Mulder: program manager Innovation Ipse de Bruggen
– Rina Arkesteijn: eHealth manager Jeroen Bosch Hospital
– René Weijenberg: care innovator and founder Boomerweb
– And much more…

Register by this link. (in Dutch)