Inspiration session: Economic Vision of Nijmegen

Event / 18, Jan, 2019

The Municipality of Nijmegen invites you for the Inspiration Session regarding the Economic Vision of Nijmegen on the 18th of January, 2019. Will you be there?




14.30 Reception with coffee, tea and a bite.


14.50 Host of the day Feddo Zielstra interviews Alderman Monique Esselbrugge.


15.00 ‘Trends! Off to 2030!’ by Richard van Hooijdonk


15.45 ‘Current state of the economy of Nijmegen’ by Henk Smit


16.05 Opportunities for Nijmegen: entrepreneurs in the spotlight.


16.15 Activity: pointing out challenges and chances for the economy of Nijmegen.


16.50 Opportunity relay race


17.00 Drink (together with Nijmeegs Ondernemerscafé)


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Event information

Date:18, Jan, 2019 Time:14:30 - 17:00 Where:Honig Complex

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