Social Return on Investment | Webinar

Event / 08, Oct, 2019

Measuring social impact is becoming increasingly important for innovations in healthcare. Which healthcare innovations are worthwhile? Consciously opting for innovations that really have an impact. Measuring impact is used to predict, monitor or evaluate the social return in advance. Vital Innovators uses the international Social Return On Investment (SROI) method for measuring social impact.


This methodology provides insight into all stakeholders, investments and returns of an innovation. This not only calculates the economic profit of an innovation, but also the social return that is created for the various stakeholders. To properly compare investments and returns, all values ​​are converted to Euros.


The SROI methodology thus ensures transparency, insight into investments and benefits. It facilitates the discussion about this and contributes to sustainable contracting and upscaling of healthcare innovations.


Health Valley is organizing a webinar on this theme together with its partner Vital Innovators. Be inspired how your healthcare organization can benefit from this global methodology.


For whom?

Healthcare directors, directors and (innovation) managers.


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