Webinar Getting Back on Track (financially)

Event / 16, Jun, 2020

Making a good & viable business and financial plan is in itself a complicated process, especially for early stage companies. Additionally, the corona crisis has overturned many of the principles on which companies have based their plans previously. Entrepreneurs are faced to deal with a new economic reality and yesterday’s certainties can suddenly be completely obsolete.

This means that you will have to recalibrate the principles of your business plan, even if nobody knows what the new reality will be. In this webinar, consultants from BDO and Rabobank will provide valuable insights into your cash flow position and which financing forms match your plans.

This webinar is facilitated in English and is free of charge. We welcome new people, so feel free to share this invite with your network.


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Date:16, Jun, 2020 Time:13:30 - 15:00 Where:Online

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