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Event / 27, Jan, 2020

How to keep course & stay on track as a founder“My life is like a roller coaster” is a frequently heard statement by start-up or scale-up founders. As the founder / director of a fast-growing company, there is never a dull moment. You are constantly improving your product, finding new sales channels and customers, attracting and onboarding talent, monitoring your cash flow, and often also attracting new capital. And so on. And so on.Managing many ‘marriages’You also have to manage all sorts of essential stakeholder relationships. Such as those with your co-founders, your first customers, your first employees, your current investors, possibly new financial backers, your home situation and last but not least with yourself. These are all kinds of “marriages” that require time and attention. There’s always too little time. Or rather, there’s too little attention and awarenes.How do I keep course and stay on track?So how do you stay on track and keep your course? How do you make the right decision every time? When do you decide alone? How and when do you take decisions jointly? When do you request advice? How do your head, heart and “gut” participate in your decisions? In other words: How do you remain close to yourself and to your vision?Topics we will discuss and you will experience include:

  • Energy givers and energy takers
  • The secret recipe of flow and resilience
  • Using your body as a barometer in addition to your ratio
  • And of course some hot tips about balance and better decision making.

Tjerk Lerou is a Partner at De Droomfabriek where he passionately guides organizations, teams and leaders from dream to plan, to action and impact. Tjerk has both a deep and broad business- as well as life experience, which makes him an experienced and all-round transformation coach and facilitator.

The workshop is facilitated in English and is free of charge.


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Date:27, Jan, 2020 Time:14:30 - 17:00 Where:Novio Tech Campus, Building M, Meet&Greet area

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