Workshop Patent or Trade Secret; How to protect & commercialize your innovation and learn from other inventors

Event / 08, Apr, 2019

How to protect and commercialize your innovation and learn from other inventors

by Ilona Koomen & Tomas van Rijn, patent advisors region East at the Netherlands Patent Office (part of the Netherlands Enterpise Agency)

You have spent a great amount of time creating a new biotech of medical method. So, what’s next? How are you going to protect your innovation? Or maybe you are thinking about combining IP rights? In our presentation we’ll give you a short overview of the different intellectual property or IP rights with a focus on patents, the costs of patents and how to create more business with an IP strategy. The presentation will also focus on searching in patent databases as these provide the opportunity of obtaining free, online information and inspiration to improve your innovation trajectory.

New: protection as a Trade Secret

by Jos van der Wijst, IP lawyer at Bogaerts & Groenen advocaten

Sometimes it is not possible to protect your know-how as a patent, copyright, etc. Or protection as a patent costs more than you can spend. Or the know-how is related to your plans to commercialize your IP (and not part of the IP). Then protection as a trade secret could be an alternative. An example of a trade secret is the recipe of Coca Cola. Since October 17, 2018 we have the Trade Secret Act (Wet Bescherming Bedrijfsgeheimen) , based on a European Directive.

In my presentation I will give you an overview of what is a trade secret, what you have to do to have protection as a trade secret, how you have to adjust your NDA because of the trade secret protection and what the new act means for employment contracts.

We conclude this workshop with drinks & bites and ample room for personal questions & networking. The workshop is free of charge and facilitated in English. Registration upfront is needed though!


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Date:08, Apr, 2019 Time:13:30 - 16:30 Where:Novio Tech Campus, Building M, Meet&Greet area

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