Briskr is a broad network of partners. All of these partners give access to certain equipment and facilities. If you are part of the Briskr network you can make use of these resources. Want to know the possibilities? Contact us!


Radboudumc technology centers

The Radboudumc technology centers are an access point for technological expertise, high-end equipment and biobanks. We can support a wealth of research questions. Depending on the demand, the expertise of several centers can be combined to offer you the best possible solution for your research questions. These centers are linked to the research facilities of Raboudumc and Radboud University. 


More Information or call directly: +31 (0)24 361 69 68.



3D lab | Animal Research Facility | Bioinformatics | Biostatistics | Clinical studies | Data stewardship | Flow cytmoetry | Genomics | Health data | Health economics Human Performance Lab | Image-guided treatments | Imaging | Investigationial medicinal products | Mass spectrometry | Microscopic Imaging Center | Radboud Biobank | Stem cells | Translational Neuroscience Unit 

Radboud Research Facilities

Radboud Research Facilities (RRF) works together with the Radboud University, the Radboud University Medical Centre and the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour to stimulate development of innovations. Businesses looking to innovate in the fields of Humanities, Biochemical screening, Biomedical imaging, Neurology and motion, Health supercomputing, Nano- and microbiology or Energy and sustainability can make use of equipment, facilities, knowledge and expertise available at the university and medical centre.


If you are looking for specific facilities to support your own research, you can find an overview of our available facilities on our website.


Because it is often hard to translate a research idea into a concrete list of necessary equipment, we offer the service to contact Ed Koster. He can analyze your questions and determine whether RRF is capable of hosting (part of) your research. If not, he can also advise you on which institutions might be able to be of more help.


If RRF is your place to be, Ed Koster can assist you in formulating a research plan to fit with available facilities and organize meetings with the relevant departments to schedule your research.


Please contact Ed Koster through +31 (0)  24 365 26 17 of email to



Humanities | Biochemical Screening Biomedical Imaging | Neurology and Motion | Health Supercomputing | Nano- and Microbiology | Energy and Sustainability 


NTC Services

This service is a collaborative venture of the Novio Tech Campus organisation, Kadans Science Partner and Gelderland province. They have funds available to help young companies finance research equipment.

There is a laboratory available for the equipment pool in building M on Novio Tech Campus. NTC Services is also working on the shared use of other facilities. Some examples here are cleanrooms, grow rooms, etc.


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