Generation Briskr

Do you belong to Generation Briskr? Are you a visionary, embracing change in the world of Health and High Tech? You are part of a growing group of people and organizations who are successful in making the world a better place.


In this section you can find stories of other people belonging to Generation Briskr. They share their experiences and visions with all of us, so we can benefit of our mutual knowledge and energy. Want to share your Briskr story too? Contact us!

PinkRF generates new energy with radio waves

A new source of energy is about to burst onto the scene: solid-state RF energy. Industrial ovens and plasma lamps are going to start using it first, but other products…

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TropIQ in the Briskr environment

Fighting against malaria Although malaria no longer occurs in the Netherlands, the malaria mosquito and parasite flourish in TropIQ’s lab. They are being used to test new anti-malaria agents. Social…

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