‘Make room and let your people shine’ by Juul Martin

News / 15-06-2021

We are happy to share news from Margot Reker (our chair massage specialist at NTC):

I don’t know if you know Juul Martin or have heard of him. I do. A great connector, clear thinker, honest doer from Nijmegen. Full of inspiration and a large dose of positivity. He has been on television, has written books, supports organisations and has helped individual self-employed people to get ahead. Like with the House of Abundance, Handbook for World Improvers, Nijmegen Share City and much, much more. Like also: Dare to Ask! For me as an insecure self-employed person from 2013 a great help to be able to expand my practice to the Radboudumc.


Juul’s new book “Make room and let your people shine” was recently published. For this book, he went on a research trip and spoke to dozens of exceptional and successful leaders from various worlds. In his book, he describes how these leaders make room for their people. And what they make room for. So that, as a reader, you yourself can get to work and inspire people in your environment, company or organisation to flourish. A fresh new perspective on cooperation and organisation.


He is on tour and I was delighted to invite him to give a lecture in our garden. Not a dry lecture, because he is a dynamic guy, he will surely take us along in his story and do some nice experiments.

I think you will also find it interesting and I would be delighted if you could attend.
There are no costs involved, if you like you can buy a (signed) book from him on the spot.
We will provide a snack and drink, a big smile in a hopefully sun-drenched garden, a beautiful old orchard in Nijmegen – close to the Radboud.


More about Juul Martin: www.juulmartin.nl
and about “Make space and let your people shine”: www.maakruimteboek.nl


The meeting is on Saturday afternoon 10 July, we start at 13 hours. Juul will be there for an hour, so be on time! And please note the session is in Dutch.
Location: Verlengde Groenestraat 33, 6525 EG Nijmegen