Master Class: How to get your business investor-ready? by BDO and Rabobank

Academy / 08-02-2018

Those who want to grow their business either need to make the necessary investments or obtain more working capital. Apart from the traditional bank loan, increasing options are available for new and complementary non-bank financing products, such as venture capital, mezzanine loans, markets for SME bonds and shares and subordinated lenders like Qredits and Spotcap.


During the master class, we will be covering the Financing theme in 4 steps:

  1. The money question: “How much money do I need and where do I get it?”
  2. Clear prognosis: How to combine desires, plans and figures.
  3. Optimum financing mix: Which parties can be sent a relevant request? What are favourable conditions, such as a financial guarantee, repayment terms and closing fee? And what kinds of government schemes are available?
  4. The best conditions: What should be considered when it comes to the small print and where can obstacles arise?


This workshop takes place on Novio Tech Campus between 16.00 and 18.00 and is organized by Rabobank and BDO

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