WATCH: Research TropIQ Health Sciences on TV-show EenVandaag

News / 19-01-2020

Saturday night, in their broadcast of 18.15 at NPO1, the TV-show EenVandaag presented an item on the research of TropIQ Health Sciences, a spin-off from Radboudumc. The researchers, amongst which are Koen Dechering and Robert Sauerwein, showed in the researchmagazine PNAS that veterinary medicines may prevent outbreaks of Malaria, Zika and other mosquito-related diseases. The researchers present their findings in their lab on Novio Tech Campus. Watch the broadcast here:


A single application of the medicine results in a severe decrease in the amount of sick. It was calculated that if 30% of the population is injected shortly before the rainingseason, the amount of patients can decrease by 97%. There are already plans to test whether the veterinary medicine is also safe for humans.

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