Past events
May 2021
11 Value Based Healthcare and digital (regional) cooperation in oncology diagnostics!
10 No patent without strategy (Briskr)
April 2021
28 Go go gadget: this is how you develop robots that are actually used (Health Valley)
22 Innoboot 2021: Food for Health! (Briskr)
20 Balancing Interests in Your IP Approach (JLabs)
16 HVTV part 5: Will smart logistics bring our care home in the future?
12 Clinical Innovation: Making Patient Centricity a Reality
08 The practice of protection: Cybersecurity, its risks, and ways to protect yourself (Pivot Park)
08 Webinar Startup Nijmegen: intellectual property pitfalls when working together
01 The power of H2 cross-border cooperation (Oost NL)
March 2021
31 Innovate Meetup XL: ‘De nieuwe starter’
25 Let’s Innovate: Mindtrace
23 App to order A²O
16 Workshop Brilliant business models in Healthcare (online)
11 Webinar: ‘De economie gaat door’ in Dutch
10 Online Health Valley Event 2021: 10 and 11 March
05 HVTV part 4: What is the international innovation power of the health care sector in the East of the Netherlands?
04 Science Meets Business & OnePlanet High Tech in Healthcare
February 2021
25 Knowledge session: Realtime Nanoparticle size characterization
10 Masterclass 1: Build your founding team
January 2021
28 SMB: Cooperation in Digital Health; Together we make healing sensible again
22 HVTV Part 3: What is the influence of Covid-19 on health care digitization?
21 Online; Business model stress test / How to kill your innovation?
08 HVTV Part 2: Prevention better than cure?
December 2020
11 HVTV Part 1: Is robotics the future in healthcare?
08 Kick-off BDO masterclass series Innovation Control Framework
01 Online workshop; How to attract venture capital investment for your Health/High Tech innovation?
November 2020
24 Power packaging: Virtual Forum
24 Changing business models during a pandemic
12 Online workshop; Learn from experienced entrepreneurs how to successfully grow your business!
05 Workshop Sales (3x)
October 2020
27 Precision health care (Innoboot 2020 event)
13 A pragmatic and practical approach to the “amazing world” of the new Medical Device Regulation (EU 2017/745)
08 Webinar Pitch To Win – Practical Tools to help you build your winning pitch
08 Workshop Sales (3x)
September 2020
24 How Covid-19 Pandemic boosts innovation and new business (From Molecule to Business Event)
10 Workshop Sales (3x)
08 Het belang van wetenschappelijk onderzoek voor MDR registratie (Briskr Validate! webinar)
June 2020
23 Briskr Academy webinar; Growing your company quickly and stress free
16 Webinar Getting Back on Track (financially)
09 Webinar Brilliant business models in Healthcare
May 2020
14 Vervolg webinar Ondersteuning voor ondernemers bij de gevolgen van de coronacrisis
April 2020
23 Vervolg webinar Ondersteuning voor ondernemers bij de gevolgen van de coronacrisis
22 Webinar: How to deal with the challenges of working from home during the corona period
16 Webinar The potential gains & legal constraints of using data
02 Webinar Ondersteuning voor ondernemers bij de gevolgen van de coronacrisis
February 2020
20 Workshop The basics on FDA for Medical Devices
January 2020
30 Science Meets Business- AI; Revolution in healthcare?
27 Workshop Keeping Track
December 2019
11 Invitation: Start new season NextOEM ‘growth circles’
November 2019
28 Benelux RF Conference 2019 – 28 November
19 Go with us to MEDICA 2019!
07 Metropole Ruhr Meets Gelderland: Health
05 Workshop Crowdfunding
October 2019
31 Science Meets Business | The art of quality essays
24 Workshop Networking Skills
08 Social Return on Investment | Webinar
August 2019
29 Briskr meets NextOEM
June 2019
19 Other relevant events
18 Workshop Value Proposition Canvas
May 2019
14 Workshop Sales; How to secure a contract or paid pilot!
April 2019
18 Innoboot 2019
08 Workshop Patent or Trade Secret; How to protect & commercialize your innovation and learn from other inventors
03 Join the Hannover Messe bustour 2019
March 2019
26 Customer Track event
11 Workshop Pitch To Win – Practical Tools to help you build your winning pitch
February 2019
19 (Dutch) Wij zijn Open en Weerbaar Nijmegen
January 2019
29 New Year Drink: Entrepreneurs of Nijmegen
29 SMB-meeting: Start Up Funding
21 Briskr Academy workshop Valuation & Licensing in Life Sciences
18 Inspiration session: Economic Vision of Nijmegen
December 2018
03 Briskr Academy workshop GDPR: Are you completely privacy compliant?
November 2018
13 Briskr Academy workshop Valuation & Licensing in Life Sciences
01 Briskr Academy workshop Stakeholder validation in healthtech entrepreneurship
October 2018
09 Financiering voor zorginnovatie, een scala aan mogelijkheden
September 2018
27 SMB / Health Valley meeting; From Molecule to Business ‘Pharma and patient solutions’
25 Briskrday 25th of September 2018
18 Briskr Academy workshop Grow your business worldwide (and use subsidies to do so!)