Q&A and recording from 3rd webinar on Support for entrepreneurs during Coronacrisis

News / 15-08-2020

The current COVID-19 pandemic in the Netherlands leads to quite strict measurements to slow down the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, these measures cause an increase in uncertainty amongst the entrepreneurs. What is the current situation and how can various parties help in minimalizing uncertainties in the current business environment?

To answer these questions, Briskr organized a webinar/question hour together with Health Valley, Kadans Science Partner and SMB Life Sciences on May 14, 2020. The webinar was in Dutch. Speakers Sandra Steinmaier (BDO), Jos Willems (Rabobank Nijmegen), Jos van der Wijst (BGLegal), Sylvia Kortenraij (Oost NL) and Matthijs Buddingh’ (Municipality of Nijmegen) answered several questions from the 80 attendees.

To (re)view the recording of the webinar, review on YouTube below:

A recap of the Questions and Answers (Dutch) can be found here.